3 Apr 2017 - 12:01 CET

NN Hungary opens first innovation lab in the field of insurance

NN Group recently opened its first international innovation lab - Sparklab Hungary.

Sparklab welcomes startups and freelancers in Hungary who aim to explore and expand ideas supporting the improvement of quality of life. It follows the example of several successful innovation labs in the Netherlands and will be NN’s first international initiative. It is the first innovation lab in  Hungary in the field of insurance. Sparklab will use lean start-up techniques and support selected ideas with coaching, mentoring, location and other resources.

Innovation is at the key of NN Group’s strategy. As an international company we not only want to innovate to improve the quality of life of our customers, we also want to learn from startups and other partners to accelerate the pace of innovation in our existing businesses. 

NN and its innovation labs have developed many initiatives in the past year.  ‘Recently the on-demand car insurance program in the Netherlands called Gappie was launched. NN was also the founder of the Dutch Cyber Collective supporting small and middle size companies fighting against cybercriminals. And last week NN joined the National Blockchain Coalition in the Netherlands as a founding partner. The aim of the coalition is for the Netherlands to  become an international frontrunner in the application of blockchain  technology. These innovative solutions release a lot of energy, and it’s exciting that we are expanding to other countries’, commented Mariken Tannemaat, NN Group’s Chief Innovation Officer on the launch of the initiative.