Purpose and Strategy

We aim to provide our customers with an excellent experience that inspires them to recommend us to their family and friends over any other financial company. We offer value for money, as an integral part of this.

We understand that for our customers, money is usually a means to an end ‒ life is about living. That’s why we do our very best to help our customers achieve their dreams and overcome any adversity along the way. Through our retirement services, insurance, investments and banking products, we are committed to helping our customers secure their financial future. That is our purpose at NN.

Our values

At NN, we want to help people secure their financial futures. To fulfil this purpose, we base our work on three core values: care, clear, commit. We care means we empower people to be their best. We respect each other and the world we live in. We are clear means we communicate proactively and honestly. We are accessible and open. We commit means we act with integrity and we do business with the future in mind. Our values, which we published under the title the NN statement of Living our Values, set the standard for conduct and provide a compass for decision making.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to deliver an excellent customer experience based on great service and long term relationships. We aim to achieve this objective by offering transparent products and services that serve customers’ lifetime needs, by having a multi-access distribution network available to customers wherever required and by maintaining effective operations that deliver excellent customer service. Our strategy rests on four strategic pillars:

  • Transparent products and services

    Our service is what sets us apart, even more than our products. We aim to deliver an excellent experience at all times. Our products are built in a standardised, modular way, with flexible features tailored to individual customers. Our portfolio is simple and based on what our customers need at the various stages of their lives. We leverage our in-house asset management knowledge and will build up our third-party investment management business.

  • Multi-access distribution

    We want to enter into long-term relationships with our customers. To this end, we aim to offer clarity and guidance at each stage of their decision-making process. We will also expand our own platform and increasingly help customers with direct servicing. We will continue to professionalise our tied agency channel and be more selective in our partnerships, aligning these to our own purpose, values and profitability.

  • Efficient and effective operations

    We make our processes as efficient and effective as possible, in order to realise our strategy and deliver value for money. As part of this, we encourage a cost-conscious culture. Offering our customers an excellent experience starts by understanding their journey. We are building our customer intelligence skills so that we can take a more holistic view of our customers and help them better.

  • Excellent balance sheet management

    Our focus on generating capital and ensuring our balance sheet is solid is to one end only: to keep our customers’ money safe.