Our Brand

NN Group’s new brand was developed with the aim of balancing our 170-year heritage and Dutch roots, with the requirements of an international insurance and investment management company.

You matter

Life is about living. And for most of us money is a means to an end; a way to reach our goals in life and overcome adversity along the way.

Through our retirement services, insurance, investments and banking products, we at NN are committed to playing a positive role in your life, and the lives of all our customers. It’s what we have been doing ever since our founding fathers established our company in 1845. And what we will continue to do.

NN is a company with a rich history and a clear vision of the future. In our vision, people, not policies, take centre stage. People, our customers, with all their needs, plans and ambitions. With all their happy and sad moments, their challenges and opportunities.

NN helps people secure their financial futures. We do this in a personal and caring way. We enhance people’s confidence in their ability to decide for themselves. We offer our customers fair value for money and create transparent, easy to understand products.

What matters to you?

We asked people between 0 and 100, from different cultures, what matters to them. Each person has his own story, desires, dreams and ambition.

The result of an 8000 kilometres tour through Europe is the video ‘The Cycle of Life’ in which people tell what matters to them.

And what matters to our customers, matters to us. This is expressed by our brand mantra ‘You matter’. But far more importantly, it’s expressed by the customer experience each of us helps create for our customers every day.

‘You matter’ means that we always start from the customers' perspective. Demonstrating a deep understanding of their situations, expectations, challenges, emotions and capabilities. And help them find out what’s right for them. By empowering our customers to make informed decisions about securing their financial future, they are encouraged to take their goals and dreams seriously.  

We help them take matters into their own hands. So they can start planning and securing their financial futures.

This is the signature of our NN brand. What we commit to. And what we want to be known for. Rooted in our values: care, clear and commit.

Care Clear Commit

We base our work on three core values: care, clear, commit. These values express what we hold dear, what we believe in and what we aim for. They guide, unite and inspire us. And they are brought to life through our day-to-day work.

  • We care means we empower people to be their best. We respect each other and the world we live in.
  • We are clear means we communicate proactively and honestly. We are accessible and open.
  • We commit means we act with integrity. We do business with the future in mind.


NN Group’s brand was developed with the aim of balancing its 170-year heritage and Dutch roots, with the requirements of an international insurance and asset management company. Our logo, with the colour orange, links to our roots as Nationale-Nederlanden and ING.

Over the years, our Insurance and Asset Management businesses have built leading positions in Europe and Japan. In 2014, these businesses came together under the holding name NN Group.

In 2015 all of our businesses were rebranded to NN, Nationale-Nederlanden and NN Investment Partners.

Living the brand

Here you will find some examples of our brand around the world.