Auditor information

The external auditor performs the audit on the consolidated financial statements of NN Group and the statutory financial statements of their subsidiaries. In this role, the external auditor attends meetings of the Audit Committee and is present during the annual general meeting (AGM). As part of the audit engagement, the external auditor issues a management letter to the Executive Board and the Audit Committee, in which (potential) improvements in the adequacy and effectiveness of the governance, risk and control framework are being recommended.

In the 2015 AGM of NN Group, KPMG Accountants N.V. was appointed as NN Group’s external auditor as per 1 January 2016 on the recommendation of  the Supervisory Board. Ernst & Young as current external auditor of NN Group will remain responsible for the audit of the financial year 2015.

External Auditors Independence Policy

As a listed company, NN Group values a transparent and independent position from its external auditor. This is reflected in NN Group’s Policy on External Auditors’ Independence, that aims to avoid the auditor providing services that:

  • create mutual or conflicting interests between the auditor and NN Group
  • place the auditor in the position of auditing its own work
  • result in the auditor functioning in the role of management or employee of NN Group
  • place the auditor in the position of serving in an advocacy role for NN Group

The Audit Committee is required to separately pre-approve the types of audit, audit-related, tax and other services to be performed by the auditor in order to ensure that the performance of such services would not impair the auditors' independence from NN Group.

NN Group’s policy requires the auditor to provide the Audit Committee with a full overview of all services provided to NN Group, including related fees and supported by sufficiently detailed information. This overview will be evaluated quarterly by the Audit Committee.

download the External Auditors Independence Policy