7 Apr 2017 - 16:29 CET

NN Marathon Rotterdam 2017 again expects record number of participants

The events of the 37th NN Marathon Rotterdam will take place on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 April in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This year the NN Marathon Rotterdam expects a record number of participants - over 43,000 - who will run a variety of distances. This includes 325 enthusiastic colleagues from NN Group, NN Investments Partners, and Nationale-Nederlanden. Because of the growth in participants an extra start wave was added, meaning five waves of runners will launch into the marathon.

The full NN Marathon Rotterdam (42.195 km) was already sold out by the end of February. In addition to the marathon there is the ¼ Marathon Rotterdam and the Business runs, and on  Saturday the Kids Runs will take place (1km and 2.5km) as well as the AD City Run of 4.2km.

The event is well known for its unique atmosphere, with more than 950,000 enthusiastic spectators on the sidelines cheering on the athletes. Bands, DJ's, and orchestras will play alongside the full course of the NN Marathon Rotterdam to keep the athletes motivated.

The NN Marathon Rotterdam will also be the first time seeing the NN Running Team in action. Just this week NN Group introduced the first professional running team together with Global Sports Communication and Nike. The team consists of 60 athletes from 13 different countries, men and women, participating in 150 races and aiming for 100 podium prizes. They have all joined forces to further professionalise and innovate the sport of running.

Because NN Group wants to support all athletes at all levels, activities were developed to foster the fun of participating in the several runs, such as the Running Supporter (encouragement videos on the go - almost 2500 videos last year) and the Pacing Team (to help runners reach their personal goals). The NN Marathon Rotterdam will for the first time offer the Cheer Moment (your personal time on a large plate). In NN Groups’s own café located next to the track, people can get a free massage after their run.

It’s promising to be a beautiful sunny day!