NN Bank funding programme

NN Bank has a Covered Bond programme and an RMBS programme for its secured funding activities, as well as a Debt Issuance Programme for its unsecured funding.

Covered Bond Programme

In September 2017, NN Bank established a EUR 5 billion Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme, backed by Dutch prime residential mortgage loans.

Type Date of Publication Documentation
Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme 20 September 2017 Base Prospectus

Final Terms

The following bonds have been issued under the Conditional Pass-Through Covered Bond Programme:

ISIN code Amount Fixed coupon Due date Documentation
NL0012650477 €500,000,000 0.50% 10 Oct 2024 Final terms

Investor reports

National Transparency Template Harmonised Transparency Template
December NTT 2017-12 HTT 2017-12
National Transparency Template Harmonised Transparency Template

The monthly investor reports are published on this website.

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HYPENN Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS)

Nationale-Nederlanden Bank N.V. (NN Bank), a subsidiary of NN Group N.V., offers residential mortgage loans in the Netherlands. NN Bank has an RMBS programme – Hypenn – under which it has issued various private and public transactions.

The Hypenn RMBS I transaction was issued in July 2013 and has been largely retained by NN Bank. In May 2014, Hypenn RMBS II was privately placed with several investors.

In April 2015, NN Bank issued its inaugural public Hypenn RMBS III transaction to a wide group of international investors.

In April 2016, the Hypenn RMBS V transaction was privately placed.

In December 2016, NN Bank issued its third public transaction (Hypenn RMBS VI) to a wide group of international investors.

Date of Issuance Transaction Amount Documentation
8 July 2013 Hypenn RMBS I € 1,765,000,000 Prospectus
16 May 2014 Hypenn RMBS II € 537,500,000 Prospectus
9 April 2015 Hypenn RMBS III € 698,900,000 Prospectus
8 October 2015 Hypenn RMBS IV € 588,236,000 Prospectus
11 April 2016 Hypenn RMBS V € 531,000,000 Prospectus
15 December 2016 Hypenn RMBS VI € 902,400,000 Prospectus

Loan level data and investor reports can be obtained from the Dutch Securitisation Association (DSA) website. On Bloomberg, the transactions can be found under the ticker HYPEN Mtge.