Proprietary Assets

Our proprietary assets span various asset classes, sectors and countries. We are well aware of the impact our investment decisions may have. That’s why investing our insurance investment portfolio in a responsible way is so important to us. Whether we’re researching and analysing companies and countries, voting as shareholders or selecting asset managers, we integrate ESG factors into our process as much as we can.

Most of our proprietary assets are managed by our asset management business, NN Investment Partners. As a provider of specialised SRI funds since 2000, and a signatory to the United Nations' supported Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2008, our asset manager has a long experience in integrating ESG factors into the investment process in various asset classes.

In  line with our RI Policy Framework, we are also integrating ESG factors into our so-called  alternative asset classes’.  That includes our real estate portfolio. Most of our real estate assets are externally managed. In 2014, NN Group became a member of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) initiative to better assess the sustainability performance of our (direct and indirect) real estate portfolio. The results of the 2014 GRESB will be our starting point to engage with real estate managers.


NN applies group-wide restrictions on investments in companies that are involved in certain controversial aspects of the weapons or defence industry.  In addition, NN has a policy in place to ensure it does not facilitate business transactions involving ultra-high risk countries. This includes countries that are sanctioned by the EU, the US or other governing bodies.

Whilst  further developing our own policy framework, we continue to apply investment restrictions based on ING's Environmental and Social Risk (ESR) framework. These restrictions include, amongst others, companies involved in animal testing, online gambling, or environmental or human rights abuses. In some cases, they also apply to the specific funds we manage on behalf of third parties. The ING ESR framework is published in the ‘ING in society’ section on