Governance of Responsible Investment

Within NN, aspects of ESG in our business are the ultimate responsibility of our Management Board. There are also committees – led by Board members – that play an important role in decision-making. That includes the Risk and Finance Committee and the Group Investment Committee.

We established a Responsible Investment Working Committee in 2014. The committee steers the implementation of the RI Policy Framework from an asset owner perspective, and monitors ESG aspects for all proprietary assets.

The Chief Investment Officer of NN leads this committee and bundles the insurance business responsibility together with the areas of expertise of NN Investment Partners and involved NN staff functions.

NN Investment Partners has an ESG Board, chaired by its Chief Investment Officer. It consists of senior managers and ESG specialists. The ESG Board gives advice to NN Investment Partners’ executive team about its positioning on Responsible Investment. The ESG Board has a mandatory advisory role on NN RI-related policies and restricted list(s). It further steers the implementation of the framework in NN Investment Partners investment processes.