Positive change in communities

At NN we aim to be a positive force in the lives of our customers. We believe this also includes taking responsibility for the well-being of the wider society. At NN, being a good corporate citizen means we want to use our resources, expertise and reach to help society achieve long-term sustainable prosperity.

Future Matters

Future Matters is the overarching Corporate Citizenship Programme for NN. It aims to empower people in the markets where we operate to improve their financial well-being, and to support them in growing their economic opportunities, so they can realise their dreams and overcome adversity. Future Matters is targeting youngsters aged 10-25. We also aim to reach underserved groups.

Future Matters is designed around three key themes, which represent the areas in which we believe we can have the most positive impact:

  • 1. To promote financial empowerment

    By helping people develop the knowledge and confidence necessary to make informed financial decisions. We aim to encourage people to plan for a secure financial future. In our activities, we particularly focus on young people, because we believe that solid financial habits are best developed at a young age.

  • 2. To create economic opportunities

    By offering internships, scholarships and mentoring, so people, and especially youngsters, are able to increase their personal potential and opportunities in the labour market.

  • 3. To alleviate financial distress

    By raising funds for local charities that focus on families with children that live in challenging financial circumstances. In otherwise prosperous societies, formal social support services are sometimes unable to fully reach out to disadvantaged communities and the underserved. NN Group helps to bridge this gap by raising funds for a number of local charities.