Enhancing Customer Experience

Our clients’ needs are central to all we do. We offer innovative solutions that meet the different needs of the societies in which we operate and products that are suitable, transparent and contribute to the wellbeing of our customers. We seek to add social value by making our products and services more accessible.

Putting the customer's interest first

Suitable, transparent and easily accessible

A key component in our approach to customer centricity are the orange rules. These rules express our commitment to providing customers with the right products to meet their needs, clearly explain the potential risks and returns and at a fair price.

Furthermore, our products must be appealing and easy to understand. We put a lot of effort into making our policies clear, simple and comprehensible.

To make our products as accessible as possible, we use a multi-channel strategy that is constantly evolving.

Listening to our customers

We constantly engage with our customers to gain their feedback so we can improve our performance. To learn more about our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, we use the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Across NN Group, we have gathered around 400,000 responses from customers and we are working to act on each of them.

Offering guidance and financial education

We invest in educating people about finance and raise their awareness through campaigns and tools to help our customers understand the advantages and risks associated with insurance products and services, so they can make more informed decisions.


  • Financial Personality Test

    Have you ever wondered what sort of personality you have when it comes to managing money? Will knowing this help you manage your money better? NN has a website that answers these questions. It contains a test that people can complete, and in the process, learn more about how they behave with money. The website www.myfinancialpersonality.com is available in nine countries in Europe and 320,000 people have completed the test so far.

    > www.myfinancialpersonality.com

  • LifeMappr

    Have you ever visualised your future? NN’s LifeMappr can help! This tool creates your future timeline, a movie trailer, and a financial outlook based on information on social media profiles. By tapping into the Facebook and LinkedIn accounts of users and analysing the information there, LifeMappr obtains a deeper level of insight than ever before. It’s all done from existing profiles, so users don't have to do extra work. LifeMappr encourages people to think about their financial future and helps to raise awareness. A perfect opportunity to get a younger generation on track with their finances!

    > www.lifemappr.com

Creating products and services that add social value

We aim to create products with social value added by reaching out to more vulnerable groups in society or create products and services that address a specific issue. An example is ‘For You’, available in the Czech Republic and Spain. This is a community platform specially designed for women. More than financial support, it offers information about the prevention and treatment of breast and genital cancer. We offer a similar concept in Poland.